Body Image and Training for Half Marathons


I think it’s normal for us, as humans living in a world where we’re bombarded with perfect images of others, to find fault with who we are and what we look like. I’ve struggled with body image issues since, well, probably since I was 5. And I still do today. So, I talked to my […]

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MMM: Check Yourself


Mid-Week Mental Moment  Remember that intrusive, heart-felt, painful post I wrote on Sunday? The one where I said, “Be true to you. Be genuine. Even if it isn’t pretty”? Well, it’s Wednesday, and time to check in. How are you doing? Are you living your truth? Are you accepting your flaws and relishing in the […]

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MMM: Live Your Truth


Mid-Week Mental Moment Yesterday I had a breakthrough. I’ve been lying to you and to myself for a good portion of time. But more on that later this week. Here’s my challenge for you as we begin the second half of the week. Be true to yourself. Be genuine. Be you. Even if it doesn’t […]

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{just} Being Me


Full transparency. This post is terribly difficult for me to write at the moment. Being a (self-proclaimed) mental health/positivity advocate is not always an easy job, because even though I can paint a beautiful picture of my life on social media and for those passing by, it’s not necessarily always the truth. I don’t feel […]

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MMM: Go After What You Want


Mid-Week Mental Moment It’s a new year. That means a fresh start, right? But how often do we find ourselves a few weeks in and practicing our old habits? Quite frequently, I presume. Not this year. Nope. This year we’re going after what we want and chasing our dreams. I’m a huge culprit of using […]

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How to Practice Self-Care in 2017


Self-care is must this year. Here’s why it’s important and here’s how to get started as you take control of your life, your thoughts, and your well-being.

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MMM: Find the Joy in the Work


Mid-Week Mental Moment I had a theater director and mentor growing up who taught me something I’ve held near and dear to my heart over the years. When rehearsals would get tough. When we didn’t want to memorize lines or run the scene one more time she would say: “Find the joy in the work.” […]

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