Oh, The Places You’ll Run

Have you ever experienced a period of time in your life where you were just trying to get to where you needed to be without being late or forgetting something?

Maybe a stretch of time that was so busy you looked back and thought, “Holy crap, how did I do all of that in that short amount of time?”

The reason I ask is because I just experienced it.

As I mentioned in previous posts, I started a new job at the end of April, and it’s been amazing so far.

But, due to unforeseen circumstances, my life has been a whirlwind of busy-ness lately, which is why I haven’t posted anything in a while. So, I apologize for that.

This morning was the first Saturday morning run I’ve done in Charlotte in quite some time, and when I was running I let out a sigh and thought, “Everything is back to normal.”

Now, I don’t want you to think the past month has been a bad experience. At all. Whatsoever. It’s actually been not only a fun-filled month, but an enlightening one, as well. I’ve learned that rest is crucial. I used to have this mindset where I needed to say “yes” to everything for fear of missing out on spending time with the people I love. But, in turn, this over-packed, bursting at the seams lifestyle only ended up causing me to become burnt out.

So, yes, I was busy this past month, but I got to travel, spend time with those I love, watch a best friend get married, train for a new job, and run in places I’ve never run before.

I spent the month in the Raleigh area for training, and Raleigh has some of the most beautiful trails I’ve ever run on.

American Tobacco Trail 1

This picture is from American Tobacco Trail, which spans over 22 miles. My run was only 4 miles, but it was so peaceful. And, I got to run beside a horse!

             Neuse River Trail 1                          Neuse River Trail 2Neuse River Trail 3And, these pictures are from the Neuse River Trail. By far my favorite run in Raleigh. Every person I passed smiled, waved and said, “Good morning.” Could be Southern hospitality, but I like to tell myself it’s because being on this trail just makes you happy.

I was thinking this morning on my run that amidst all of the chaos this past month there was one thing that stayed constant. Running.

Running, I believe, is the one thing in this world where you know what’s going to happen next. You can count on the fact that, one step after the other, it’s going to be consistent.

For me, the consistency that comes with running calms my mind. It keeps my thoughts at just the right tempo. So, when life is a bit scattered, go for a run. I guarantee it’ll create a moment of consistency when those moments are sometimes hard to find.

And, while Raleigh is beautiful, nothing beats this view. 🙂


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I overcame an eating disorder, anxiety, and depression with the help of this wonderfully amazing thing called running. And that's why I'm here - to share my story and to help those who are going through what I've already gone through. On this blog you'll find running tips, mental health tips, and lots of joy. Join me as we piece life together one run at a time.

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