Help! Tell Me About Your Experience With Bullying

I was recently asked if I would give a talk to a group middle schoolers about bullying. That’s what I was told. That’s it. “About bullying.” Yikes. Where does one even start?

I then found out I’m not only giving this presentation to a small class of middle schoolers, but 300 twelve and thirteen year olds. Um… that’s a lot of impressionable young children. And I’m terrified.

What do I talk about? What’s my message? How do I reach them without them thinking I’m an uncool, old person? Which, is pretty accurate, but nonetheless they can’t know that.

That’s why I’m turning to you. You’ve been bullied. I know it, because we all have. And, sadly, we’ve all bullied others. I need to hear these stories. How did you overcome being bullied? What made you stop bullying? Have you done this before – given a talk against bullying?

I’m not just asking for your help, I’m literally begging you.

Feel free to share your stories in the comments section or email me at Or, tweet at me @MariaLynnAbbe. Or, direct message me on Instagram: runningmyselftogether. Whatever floats your boat.

Help me help the children. Or, do it to make recompense for that guilt you’re still carrying around from bullying Tommy in the cafeteria in the 4th grade.

And, no, I’m not bullying you into doing this… okay, maybe just a little bit.

Thank you for your help!


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I overcame an eating disorder, anxiety, and depression with the help of this wonderfully amazing thing called running. And that's why I'm here - to share my story and to help those who are going through what I've already gone through. On this blog you'll find running tips, mental health tips, and lots of joy. Join me as we piece life together one run at a time.

2 thoughts on “Help! Tell Me About Your Experience With Bullying

  1. I remember being bullied in middle school, and only middle school, actually. I was bullied because I got good grades, sat up straight, and unfortunate locker placement. My first bully was named Terry and he was unimpressed with the fact that I actually did my homework, turned it in on time, and got good grades. This girl in my social studies class constantly made fun of the way that I sat and the fact that I sat in the front row (despite assigned seating…). I can’t even remember the name of my third bully. What I do know is that I did nothing to warrant him bashing his locker door into mine, breaking my magnetic mirror. The best thing I could’ve done was talked about it. My mom was my best resource. She was the one who enlightened me by saying that the reasons bullies act the way they do is because they feel insecure with themselves. The way they acted had nothing to do with me and everything to do with them.


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